29 October 2008

Cartoon Livin'

Saw this while cruising the mainland and had to grin.

28 October 2008

Change. It happens.

I could talk about the openspace sims price change, but eh. There's plenty of that already.

17 October 2008

LSL and HTTP Server are on the beta grid

The first public tests of the new http server functionality are on the beta grid! Info here.

and look at this hidden surprise...
changed() event, new flag CHANGED_REGION_RESTART

Text to Speech web app

Nifty text-to-speech web demo. Generates wav files too.


That big project I've been working on that I can't talk about? Done today.
*shoots off fireworks*

01 October 2008

SLExchange => XStreet SL

Heads up if you're a SLExchange merchant. They're changing their name, and there will be updates.