22 December 2015

Project Bento

There's a new SL avatar skeleton being tested on the beta grid.

Rigged wings, a tail, several facial features, and FINGERS!

My dream has come true. I can now flip off the world American style!

04 January 2015

Stick the Landing

Stick the Landing
Whiskey Monday has a LEA region for the next couple months, and she's inviting everyone to come play. Go on! Have fun!

10 November 2014

How to add a script without it starting up

If you drag a script into an object, but want the script set to not running, hold down [CTRL] while you drag it into the object.

07 November 2014

Movement speeds

Reference info for those of you who animate in SL. Walking speed, flying speed, etc.

Movement speeds in SL

29 September 2014

Fall is in the air

And if your Halloween costumes aren't ready, here's a few to try!


24 July 2014

Ninjas, Pirates, and Sharks

More 2D avatars!

Ninjas and Pirates!

Shark and a Land Shark!

05 June 2014

Ball Pit!

Physics is fun!

04 June 2014

2D Avatars!

Feeling playful? I am!

Try these!