04 January 2015

Stick the Landing

Stick the Landing
Whiskey Monday has a LEA region for the next couple months, and she's inviting everyone to come play. Go on! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Storm,
Just so you are aware: Natalia's Blog does not seem to exist. The link takes you to a page which says "the blog that was here is now at http://www.mermaiddiaries.com would you like to be redirected?" clicking yes, takes you to a blog about actual blenders, as in for making smoothies irl. Since the copyright is 2015 I am assuming that Natalia used to have this address. If Natalia has moved her blog, please correct the link: otherwise delete the hyperlinks at least from your own blog (you should be able to do this by editing your posts). Thanks!

Storm Thunders said...

Looks like she sold the name to someone? It's a shame, she had a lot of good content on her site.