16 October 2006

Watching myself build

So I ended up building a train station. You probably already knew that was going to happen. The open design choice with a tight prim limit and physical space was too much to resist. After the winners are picked, I'll post pics. It was a lot of fun to build.

Been noticing stylistic habits showing up in my builds lately.
  • The use of sounds and scripted interactions I've mentioned earlier.
  • Few textures. Maybe in reaction to all the malls? *grin*
  • Aggressive use of negative space.
  • Obsessive. Textures align well, every seat has a sittarget, etc. This is nothing new.
  • Repeated design elements. I think some of this is the medium - holding down shift makes it simple to copy prims.
  • Strong symmetry. This last one surprises me. I've always created balanced things in every media, but this is new. It might be specific to "spaces" for me; I had a realtor once comment that the homes I liked best all had strongly symmetrical layouts.
  • A focus on the complete scene. Tying a build into the local scenery is really important to me. I wonder if this would change with a larger plot? I tend to pick plants based on what neighboring plots are using, and I like to cluster them with any the neighbors have on their property lines. The borders are there, but they aren't so... sharp.
  • Strong dislike for photo realism. I like the strong colors and clean lines common with cartoonier styles, and my sense of immersion breaks every time I examine some impressive detail and realize it isn't 3D.

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