25 February 2009

Making things

Lots of doings lately. I made my first mermaid avatar from scratch and learned a lot about making fins. And for Armada, I made my first real game. I'll put up something more about both soon, I still have to take pictures.

18 February 2009

Virtual seasons

New Babbage's winter is over. So away go the piles of snow, and time to decide what will go in the flower boxes for spring.

11 February 2009

Facing the sun

It's the little things that drive you mad.

llGetSunDirection() returns a normalized vector.

XStreet doings

You can now send things from XStreetSL to any SL avatar over a day old.

Which reminds me to put up some new things there. If you like brightly colored fairy skins, take a look!

I also put my valentine's camo pants freebie up for the next week. If you missed them last year here's your chance!