30 April 2009

Another way to be invisible

Turns out you can hide the basic avatar by wearing a huge megaprim (the 65K one) as an attachment. This is being used as an alternative to invisiprims that doesn't interfere with the display of alpha textures (or linden trees or water.)

The wise script it to die if it finds itself unattached. ;)

A couple Lindens have said they consider this to be a bug and to not count on it to work in the future. 1

Keep in mind being completely invisible is a serious no-no. It's treated as stalking usually.

28 April 2009


If you're an XStreet merchant, it's time to update your magic box again.

23 April 2009

Visiting Linden Memorial Park

I went and checked out the new Linden Memorial Park. (LL blog entries 1 2 ) It's a cluster of twelve sims. The place reminded me of national parks. Trails, woods, clear areas, rivers and waterfalls, bridges, a lake, a couple formal gardens, even some picnic tables. I noticed several of the large rocks have sit poses set in them. There's also a place with floating candles you can use on the beach to the northwest.

Lots of people were there. I ended up walking part of the path there with some friends and had a nice chat with Governor Linden.


Got my New Babbage shop land updated. I was dancing between selling the land or getting someone to share the rent with me, and two friends turned out to be interested in sharing it. Now it's got a new land picture, a pair of new shops, and a modified description.

I lowered the prices on some of my earlier avatar sets, and they're generating more money than before. Maybe the people at Grendel's are on to something.

Even more map play.

Well, I'm still fussing trying to get color matches for the map voids. It's not the fastest project. :/ Having to wait about two days for each bit of feedback is sooooo sloooooow....

0,75,100 is close for the teal SLurl map. 5,5,65 isn't too bad for the internal map, but it doesn't hide particularly well. I'm beginning to wonder if there's something in the map snapshot code that prevents a prim's results from exactly matching the internal map's dark blue.