30 January 2008

Shirts and bumming around

I've been around, just haven't done much. Played tourist. Worked on my own avatars. Made some long sleeve shirts for female avatars, fussed around with some prim wrangling (some swords, a long coat,) and a little light scripting.

Mono is now on parts of the beta grid, so I may take a bunch of my scripted things over there and see how it goes. Hmm... I think I will wait a few days. Sounds aren't working right.

20 January 2008


The laboratory in a box set is now available at my shop and on SLX.

18 January 2008

Fan Service!

According to Hittail.com, the denizens of the internet are very interested in pinup girls.

So I took some screenshots of my navy pinup girl avatar, used Vint's tutorial as guidance, and had a little fun with the GIMP.

Enjoy! (Click on her to see her full size.)

17 January 2008

Mad Science?

I've been having fun wrangling prims. I'm making a laboratory set. Made some sculpted prim flasks, a scripted bunsen burner, and a bunch of related things.

15 January 2008

So I've got yet another avatar...

Crap Mariner! This is all your fault!

Avatar Toolbox Updated.

The Avatar Toolbox has been updated (both the website and the freebies.)

Some animation and AO information from Bloodsong Termagant, an updated Tiny AO, and a few odds and ends.

09 January 2008

Making trinkets

I've made some scripted candles and a bunsen burner, a freebie 2 prim upholstered chair, little things like that. Working on tiny objects gets tricky. I also need to learn what the particle size limit is - I think I bumped into it at one point. I also was gifted with an updated Tiny AO that I have to add to the Toolbox. But now it is bedtime.

Wanna be a bank?

Crap Mariner pointed out a spectacular comment on SL banking.

08 January 2008

Banks Begone!

Very interesting. No Banks as of the 22nd. I'm very pleased to see a policy decision like this being publicized before it is enacted.

06 January 2008

Sunday morning

The grid is closed right now *sob* so I'm making some animations. AT's skin page has been updated, I saw that Vint Falken knows about Eloh's skins (so I expect the Open Sim crowd does also.) Ooh, wait! Login's are supposed to be open now...

05 January 2008

Making Animations, Making Skins

QAvimator is working for me again. Turns out the windows uninstaller doesn't remove the program's related registry settings. Once they were removed a new install worked fine.

For those of you interested in making skins, Eloh Eliot has put up yet another free skin and the related *.psd files.

TODO list: I need to remember to link Avatar Toolbox to EE's skins. And to send a note to the Open Sim crowd to make sure they've seen them. Drop a note to the QAvimator maker about the reg settings.

03 January 2008

Back, and rambling

I'm back, and I brought a nasty cold with me. *sniffle* Spent some time building, and messing around with making weapons. My version of QAvimator stopped working, so I either need to fix it or find another way to make animations. Vending went well, profits and sales were higher than they've ever been. Why did someone think putting a captcha on the login page was a good idea?