29 April 2008

Grid Storms

The reality of the grid bleeds thru...

Building and texturing with the current release can be a little challenging at times.

25 April 2008

Our New Fab CEO needs help!

M Linden has been spotted on the grid and it struck me that he needs a little help customizing his avatar. As residents of The Grid(TM) we NEED ... DEMAND ... CRY OUT FOR (yeah that's it!) our Linden Lab CEOs to look distinctive.

So... If you make wearable things, have a serious sense of style and a bunch of transferrable outfits, or just have some cool transferrable avatars or hair around... let's send them his way. Don't send him junk. Send him stuff you'd send to a RL friend you've just talked into signing up.

And for the grid's sake, box it if you're sending more than a single item.

24 April 2008

Change: Fairies, Steampunk, and CEOs

Found a lovely skybox while flying around.

I bought some land in New Babbage to build on. I've got ideas, so many ideas! And I've been feeling the urge to put down virtual roots. Surprises me a bit, I've been here almost two years without that. Somewhere for my steam powered motorcycles, a comfy couch, and an assortment of shiny things...

And for anyone who's been living under a rock *grin* LL has a new CEO, Mark Kingdon aka M Linden.

Met another pair of avatar crazed people - we had fun showing off to each other. :D Ended up at Grendel's of course.

22 April 2008

Katt Linden is now officially live

Raise a drink to your hopes and fears, Katt Linden is now officially live! Yes, the new communications manager has officially broken silence.

Seeing colored clouds or smoke?

Ava Glasgow made a great "help" graphic for a rare but confusing problem. The Show Updates feature has a hotkey combination and every now and then some poor unfortunate hits it by mistake.

21 April 2008

Party, building.

Hung out with the bloggers group at the monthly party. Good music, good conversation.

Been making clothes and trying to build boots with prims. I have much more respect for shoe builders than I did before starting this. ;) Thinking about checking out the rest of the rokuro family of sculpted prim tools.

18 April 2008

Parody contest

Vint Falken's less than pleased about the whole trademark issue and she's offering a L$10K prize to whoever makes her laugh the most! Images, sound, video, written words - pick your media and have a good time!

Wings festival!

A wings festival!
All next week, lots of popular vendors, all in one place.

14 April 2008

New! Longer Links!

Somehow I'd missed that with Havok 4 comes longer link limits! Now we go to 54! Here's the wiki list of things changed with Havok 4.

13 April 2008


The grid has been having serious problems the last couple days. I've been lucky though; whenever I've wanted to be on it, it has been working.

I spent some time exploring Caledon again, and I visited New Babbage for the first time. I'm tempted to see if I can get some land in New Babbage. Made some clothes to fit the Victorian Steampunk theme, did more with the new glow feature, met several people, and generally had a good time.

12 April 2008

New lag detection feature!

Want to know who's wearing the laggy prims? Now you can!

11 April 2008

Changes and exploring those changes

Long read about decision making in the Havok 4 deployment by Sidewinder Linden, but well worth it.

I completed my land sale, downloaded the new viewer, and looked over my offerings under the official release of windlight.Dumped the old railing on my workspace and replaced it with a hollowed megaprim. My habit of keeping step depths 0.5M or less worked to my advantage. Steps won't be a problem long, according to Sidewinder (see above) they're going to reset step height to its old value within a week.

While messing around with new store design ideas, I played around with the new glow feature. I think I'll make a couple packs of crystals for 10$L. Throwing in a little glow with what I've done before makes them gorgeous. Might drop in a touch-control script for light and cute tinkly noises.

10 April 2008

Things to do

Got a fairly long todo list tonight. CoLA land sale, downloads, some windlight checks... I think I'm going to rebuild the shop. With the new stairs height issue with Havok 4 and the fact that megaprims now act like they appear, I think that'll be the best solution.

07 April 2008


I've heard that Havok 4 likes megaprims. I'm excited - I'll have to experiment! They now act like normal prims as far as collisions go.

But today it may not seem that way. There's a hollow prim bug with a fix pending.

Must have been a rough couple days at the Lab.

This was a good weekend to have lots to do in RL.

01 April 2008


So here's the clarification on SL trademark policy we were waiting for.

On The Care and Feeding of Communities

Word is that there'll be an official blog entry sometime soon about how the new TM rules affect bloggers.

Gamasutra has an article up about online community management. I'm glad that it points out both the age of the field and the high human cost - I've seen more than one community caretaker have a meltdown or require an extended vacation.