30 September 2008

Beta grid woes

So I went onto the beta grid to check something. Used -grid aditi as part of my command line. Later, when I went to go on the main grid, I was put on the beta grid instead. No clear way to change it.

I just added -grid agni to my command line to get back to the main grid. But there's a secret grid chooser available. Press Ctrl-Shift-G on the login screen, and select agni.

29 September 2008

SL and Lag guide

Massively has a good article about things you can do if you're experiencing lag when running SL.

16 September 2008

More skin PSD files to tinker with!

Sezmra Svarog is releasing a set of free skin .psd files and starting up a website offering them and future tutorials. (Spotted from Vint Falken's blog.)

14 September 2008

A different sort of vacation...

Anybody ever tell you to go to hell?

Make sure your speakers are on. Victims run wildly, the demons smash and stomp, and flying rocks come crashing from the sky. The sim is damage enabled, so be alert.

10 September 2008

Frustration again.

Half my attempts to teleport today failed. Long periods where I couldn't log in, or where I couldn't teleport anywhere. Long rezzing delays, and objects that kept moving back after I edited them.

On a more cheerful note, Torley says there's a new feature coming that lets you turn off other peoples' facelights.

09 September 2008

Something for cooler weather

I finally went back and worked on that outfit that I'd given up on in frustration. Some things you just can't do well with prims and the way the avatar animates the shoulders. I think I'm going to do a second version of this before I box it up. If you want a copy of the hat, IM me before I get around to boxing it and I'll give you one.

I picked up a pose pack that works well with long skirts. I enjoy the way Striking Poses shows off their product - they're made using pictures of celebs as reference.

03 September 2008

Better pictures

Messing with the viewer to create better screen shot pictures.

Go into the world editor,
set it to noon,
Sun-Moon position to zero,
then raise ambient lighting and scene gamma until things look good.

02 September 2008


Finished up a custom skin. White with graduated black points, and a soft fur texture over it all. Came out gorgeous. I'm planning to box it up for the shop when I figure out how to photograph it. I'm tempted to do a series of new skins. I've learned a bunch since the last set.