18 November 2007

SL Profiles on the web.

Now we can have our avatar profiles up on the web. To do it you need to know your avatar key. Then you make a url like this one, replacing the bold text with your key.

Here's mine. I'm not sure how long it takes for updates to appear, but I can tell you it isn't less than five minutes. *grin*

So how does one find out what someone's key is?

You can visit one of the many name to key services like this one.

Or, drop this script into a prim, save it, and touch the prim. It'll say the key of whoever touches it.

touch_start(integer total_number)
llWhisper( 0,(string)llDetectedKey(0) );

Permissions checking script

Ordinal Malaprop is a wonderful person who makes builders' lives a little easier.

Animations, updates, and big words

Whipped up a couple candle holding animations for a friend, since it turns out the QAvimator version available for Apple machines has some issues.

Updated my SLX boxes (they've revved up several versions in the last couple weeks.)

Ran this blog thru one of those online tests. I guess this means I use too many big words?
genius reading level

Lots of windlight talk going on. :D

16 November 2007

Search experiments continue.

I don't know how long it will last, but my shop is #5 when you search for neko skins.

Seems I'm on the right track with the store rebuilds.

15 November 2007

Search uses related words

Search is using -related- words. If you're searching for Deer, buck will come up. Poodle, dog will come up. Thanks to SL's last name tradition, this is making for some very odd search results.

For my vendor tasks: Names and descriptions are updated, a copy of everything except the blow up doll can be found at the Sunwi Do site. The sound prims are separate from the general freebies. TP location has been adjusted. I've thinned down the shop in Seomna, gives me more prims for building in the workshop. The HUDlandmark address, blog address, and the ones on the slexchange infos have been updated.

13 November 2007

Working out Search tuning

The basics of my shops have been rebuilt, now I'm starting on readjusting things to account for the new Search functionality. 1 2

The name field of a prim: Limited to 63 characters being displayed and edited in SL client but upto 255 can be saved (llSetObjectName)and retrieved (llGetObjectName and llKey2Name) via scripts. How many characters are showing up in Search? How many characters are being referred to by Search?

From Jeska Linden: Currently we’re indexing the name of the object, it’s description and it’s price.

I need to clean up names of vendor objects - Anything with AV becomes avatar. Check all multiple-object vendors and rename them. The description now is for more than just mouseover text.

Objects appear to be clustered by parcel. Good on one hand (we aren't stuck viewing 1000 versions of Dress-Red) but it means you may have to click on each entry to find the relevant information. Is there any sense to the order they're shown in the listing? They appear to be alphabetically listed.

Here's the url to see how your info looks right now.

Keyword prims inside the store. "Feline Neko Cat Skins and Avatars - Many styles for male and female" Just set it at the price of the skins and tuck it down inside the floor or something.

Some of my freebies need to be moved to their own prims, especially the Sound Prims.

TP point given by search is currently the one set for the parcel - I need to reset mine.

Unfortunately, it can take several days for the search engine to update, so it'll be a slow process learning how to use it effectively.

12 November 2007

09 November 2007

Invisiprims and Occlusion

Added some new information to the invisiprims page about how invisiprims can occlude 24 bit textured objects. Read the forum article here.

How to turn Occlusion Culling on and off:
Client | Rendering | Object-Object Occlusion

06 November 2007

02 November 2007


So, what've I been up to?

Picked up some wings and a mermaid avatar from Seven's Selections and they're delightful. The wings have size and speed settings, and they've also got a flight assist built in. She's got script-enabled demo versions too. Kate Amdahl reviews them here.

Shop rebuilding. :P But I like the open design, and the waterfalls flowing thru it to connect it together.

Experimented with building a quick prefab house for a 512 lot. It isn't too terribly hard, but I guess I'm just not a virtual house kind of person.