18 November 2007

SL Profiles on the web.

Now we can have our avatar profiles up on the web. To do it you need to know your avatar key. Then you make a url like this one, replacing the bold text with your key.

Here's mine. I'm not sure how long it takes for updates to appear, but I can tell you it isn't less than five minutes. *grin*

So how does one find out what someone's key is?

You can visit one of the many name to key services like this one.

Or, drop this script into a prim, save it, and touch the prim. It'll say the key of whoever touches it.

touch_start(integer total_number)
llWhisper( 0,(string)llDetectedKey(0) );


M said...

Um, I think you meant llDetectedKey(0) there...

-- Minto Gamba

Storm said...

Yep - fixed!

Karl Herber said...

You'd think they'd find an automated system to auto-translate the key to avatar name, so you could put in (for example) http://world.secondlife.com/resident/karl_herber or something like it and it would pull up the same web page.

Storm said...

I'm hoping that's in the works, but until then we'll have to settle for Googling our names. ;) Google already is indexing profile pages.