16 February 2008

Touring sandboxes on a motorcycle

When I was on the beta grid the other day, I tried out a vehicle and had a lot of fun with it. That and a comment about Caledon having a steampunk motorcycle gang got me started...

While I was working on the motorcycle I came across someone making a giant woman avatar. She's an impressive Mega. So I had to tell the maker about Avatar Toolbox and invite them to make an article. :D She walks stiff-legged like a lot of Megas, but she's a very impressive sight.

I finished up a customized skin for someone, met a doll maker who's a lot of fun to talk builder with, and probably amused more than a few people as I tested out my motorcycle.

I also made a couple of flower chairs (for a friend's hang-out.) Copies are in my shop. They remind me of Black-eye Susan flowers.

13 February 2008

LL getting hands-on?

What'll happen to ad farms and view blackmail?

Edit: Damn. Things are happening!

Edit 2: KB ID 5089

When filing the abuse report, please stand beside the offending content before choosing Report Abuse from the Help menu. Use the Harassment category and include the phrase "Ad Farm" in the summary line. If the owner is clear, enter their name. If it is a group-owned parcel or object, then either enter the owner or officer of the group if you can find it or enter "Governor Linden" (yes, we're asking you to abuse report the Gov, it's okay, she won't mind...) and put as much supporting detail in as you can.

12 February 2008

Hearts and flying prims

If you check my freebies section of the shop, there's a new outfit up for the next couple days. Or you can grab it for 10L at SLX or OnRez. Camo and hearts, who'd have thought that would ever work?

I also updated the blog's look a little.

I picked up a bouncy castle - it is rezzed and available to play with at ground level below the shop. BOING! BOING! Fun toy.

Spent some time on the beta grid. I didn't crash the havok 4 sandbox flinging 1000 physics-enabled prims around, but it slowed things down a little. The prims also did some very odd things - flying out of the sim, embedding themselves under the ground, and hanging in the air motionless. Had fun riding around on a motorcycle I found there. Turning a moving vehicle slows it dramatically. I also noticed the mini-map either didn't update in a reasonable amount of time, or the prims on my screen weren't being drawn in their locations.

04 February 2008

Teuthologista Gown!

For those of you who like unusual outfits, I offer the new Teuthologista gown! The jewelry that comes with it is really cute - tiny cephalopod earings with pearl eyes and a nautilus pendant. The tentacle movement is very much like that of the octopus avatar I make. All six colors are up at my shop inworld, and they're available from SLX and OnRez.

01 February 2008

Object name/desc field rules changing

Heads up if you're storing information in object names or descriptions.

LL will be truncating all object names to 63 characters and descriptions to 127 characters when 1.19 server code is released (originally scheduled for 1/23/2008)