16 February 2008

Touring sandboxes on a motorcycle

When I was on the beta grid the other day, I tried out a vehicle and had a lot of fun with it. That and a comment about Caledon having a steampunk motorcycle gang got me started...

While I was working on the motorcycle I came across someone making a giant woman avatar. She's an impressive Mega. So I had to tell the maker about Avatar Toolbox and invite them to make an article. :D She walks stiff-legged like a lot of Megas, but she's a very impressive sight.

I finished up a customized skin for someone, met a doll maker who's a lot of fun to talk builder with, and probably amused more than a few people as I tested out my motorcycle.

I also made a couple of flower chairs (for a friend's hang-out.) Copies are in my shop. They remind me of Black-eye Susan flowers.

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