29 January 2009

Double your pleasure, double your fun!

The email from the Lab about how they may have accidentally double-charged weekly fees for some groups? They sent it to me twice.

21 January 2009

LL buys XStreetSL and OnRez

The rumor about XStreetSL and OnRez being bought by LL is true. OnRez is being closed, so transfer any outstanding balances by Feb 11.

19 January 2009

Been a rough week for the grid.

Dear Grid,

Please, get well soon.

Thinking of you,


14 January 2009

Water. It isn't always wet.

Been building underwater a lot lately. Sometimes the water gets in the way.

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-7 makes the client not render the surface of the water.
Ctrl-Alt-F6 makes the client not render the underwater effect.

Or, if you've got access to the sim estate controls, you can always change the water height to zero.