25 August 2008

New LSL calls - Touch Detection

The new LSL functions to determine where on a prim a touch happened should be available sometime this week.

Click here to read about it.

20 August 2008

18 August 2008


Went with some friends to check out Bettina Tizzy's Forest of Chakryn. Gorgeous fae and nature sim, well worth a visit. It has a couple of little quests of the "find stuff and bring it here" variety. To complete them you might want to set your browser to only select your prims.

And we can't forget Mal. He's such a ... unique fellow.

05 August 2008

Graphics glitch :P

So I was getting this odd graphics glitch in Second Life. Gray boxes appearing in textures now and again. Here's a pic showing it.

It wasn't happening on other systems, just my main one. I'm on a Windows XP box, so I tried the usual uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Updated grapics drivers too.

Turns out it was happening because I have an overly fancy ATI graphics card. It and Second Life were both trying to pretty up the screen, and they were tripping over one another.

Here's what fixed it.

Catalyst Control Center, Graphics Settings, 3D, All Settings:
Set Catalyst AI to Standard,
Set Adaptive Anti-Aliasing to Performance.

Zoning on the Mainland?

Zoning? On the Mainland? Woah.

01 August 2008