31 May 2009

Fantasy Faire June 15 - 21

I've signed up as a vendor in the Fantasy Faire 2009 being held by the RFL and FFC. Looks like there will be all kinds of awesome avatars there!

I've got several avatars and parts that I've made for myself or friends that I haven't boxed up. This gives me a deadline to make it happen. It'll be a busy two weeks!

22 May 2009


My 3rd rez day is next week. Not sure if I want to be social or find a quiet build and be mellow.

I've been making a lot of things, but I've taken almost none of them to where they're products. I'm not sure why. My contract work, I've been completing that without any reluctance. I've made things for me to wear, and I've made several freebies for friends.

The Brass Needle's in good shape.

I should rebuild the mainland shop, but I'm not sure what I want it to be next. I've done a lot of building spaces lately and I want it to be something I enjoy. The current shop's pretty old, I'm a lot more skilled now.

Might see if I can mix up a challenge with some other builders, maybe that'll encourage me to get something into product form.

04 May 2009

Missing item - Amelia In Red Outfit (undershirt)

Got an IM from a customer about an item of clothing in one of the sets I sell giving her an error. Turns out I've been hit with an inventory bug.

All instances of it in my inventory and items have the same failure. When worn, they fail to show up on the avatar and show a blue box with "Failed to find clothing named Amelia Lace Undershirt - Red in database." I've got a ticket in for it, but /shrug

If you've got the outfit and are experiencing the same failure, IM me and I'll send you a replacement.

EDIT March 12: Sadly, LL has been unable to find it. So as a general heads up, the inventory DB is still eating items now and then. Keep the things you use to make items around. ;)

01 May 2009

Surreal Shakespearean experience

Here. I'm wondering if it is a demo piece - size it up and add a music stream reading verses aloud and it'd be a wowser.