25 February 2012

Third Party Viewer Policy Drama

I'm watching the Third Party Viewer Policy Drama (there's a good round up of it here.)

10 February 2012

Change of scene

I swapped out the garden sky-globe for a cave of dark stone with little areas of sunlit garden. It's peaceful like the garden, but sometimes one needs a change of scene.

I reused a couple elements from the Vernian Deep build (the geodes, the smokers, etc.) The three stone textures are generated with Filter Forge. The glowing balls are my papillon wisp pets.

07 February 2012

Restarting a looped animation

I have a vehicle where the avatar does a looping animation that's in sync with some of the prim animations... When I cross sim boundaries they fall out of sync.

I thought that restarting both when the vehicle crosses a sim boundary would put them both in sync. It turns out that stopping and restarting a looping animation is more difficult that it sounds.

I tried llStopAnimation(A) followed by llStartAnimation(A). The animation continued looping like I'd done nothing. I tried adding a short llSleep() between the stop and start. No effect. I tried briefly starting and stopping a different animation between the stop and start. That interestingly did nothing as well.

What finally worked was a combination of the two.

llSleep( 0.1 );

I suspect it's related to a change intended to prevent griefing via bombing someone's viewer with animations.