03 April 2013

Busy and on the Bench


One of the downsides to working with mesh in SL is not being "in" SL while I work. Blender is definitely a two hands sort of application, and it needs a lot of screen real estate. No bings of people wanting a chat, no group windows exploding with drama. Scripting can be lone work too, especially if I take it offline.

Fantasy Fair is starting up again soon, and I'm kind of bemused to realize it was back in '09 when I was in it. It's been a long time since I've made things that weren't either just for me and friends, or for a contracted client.

I took an afternoon earlier this week and redid a chunk of my mainland space. I swapped out the cave skybox for a floating island with a couple grassy surfaces (and a cave inside!) As you can see, I bought a (4 LI!) bench for it.