12 February 2008

Hearts and flying prims

If you check my freebies section of the shop, there's a new outfit up for the next couple days. Or you can grab it for 10L at SLX or OnRez. Camo and hearts, who'd have thought that would ever work?

I also updated the blog's look a little.

I picked up a bouncy castle - it is rezzed and available to play with at ground level below the shop. BOING! BOING! Fun toy.

Spent some time on the beta grid. I didn't crash the havok 4 sandbox flinging 1000 physics-enabled prims around, but it slowed things down a little. The prims also did some very odd things - flying out of the sim, embedding themselves under the ground, and hanging in the air motionless. Had fun riding around on a motorcycle I found there. Turning a moving vehicle slows it dramatically. I also noticed the mini-map either didn't update in a reasonable amount of time, or the prims on my screen weren't being drawn in their locations.


Anonymous said...
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Storm said...

Whoo-hoo! I got my first porn blog spam! I'm a REAL blogger now!