11 April 2008

Changes and exploring those changes

Long read about decision making in the Havok 4 deployment by Sidewinder Linden, but well worth it.

I completed my land sale, downloaded the new viewer, and looked over my offerings under the official release of windlight.Dumped the old railing on my workspace and replaced it with a hollowed megaprim. My habit of keeping step depths 0.5M or less worked to my advantage. Steps won't be a problem long, according to Sidewinder (see above) they're going to reset step height to its old value within a week.

While messing around with new store design ideas, I played around with the new glow feature. I think I'll make a couple packs of crystals for 10$L. Throwing in a little glow with what I've done before makes them gorgeous. Might drop in a touch-control script for light and cute tinkly noises.

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