26 July 2007

Wagering it all on gambling?

As expected, LL has now banned gambling from the grid. And thankfully, Robin Linden realized that the Knowledge Base is often painfully slow and posted the text of the policy to the blog entry.

Wagering appears to be a requirement of the gambling activities that are now banned. So donation based 'sploders are out. But lucky chairs (which require no wager) are still allowed. I'm not sure about Money Trees - I half expect to see new money trees that only allow donations by avatars that are over the age allowed to received money from them.

Assuming age verification ever actually happens, I'm wondering how nationality verification and server location may affect this policy. Will it simply remain banned since LL is based in California, USA? or will other factors play a role in determining whether forms of gambling will be allowed on certain sims and/or for certain people?

*grin* They do still have casinos listed on their site as something to do in SL.

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