26 October 2009


I think I understand it now. Sometimes, people stay around SL but stop blogging. They're still running their shops, hanging out with friends, catching shows, building, maybe consulting.

At first it was the NDAs for me. I was building and learning new things, but I couldn't talk about the specifics. And the times when everything I was doing in SL was under NDA, well, what's there to say about the general news that isn't being spun about a dozen times on other blogs? And that awareness that whatever hot blogging issue has been discussed a dozen times before in the last couple years whispers "so why bother saying it all again?"

Then there's deadlines. No time to write something when you could put that time to getting a step closer to your immediate goals! Just a few more hours, right?

And I can't forget simple laziness. I've learned a lot about making and scripting content on opensim the last few months. Nothing that undoubtedly has been said by others, but enough of the related work is under NDA that I haven't felt like picking it apart to write about.

I've been enjoying the underwater sim project I embarked on with some friends too. Not a lot to write about, but it's a nice space to explore and do some spear fishing. We've got plans to do more with it, but like everything else it depends on time. ;) I've also got to get around to moving my main shop, rebuilding The Brass Needle, and building a couple dozen avatars that have been on my mind.

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