01 November 2010

First Time Land Shopping

My friend Alix posted about her experience finding some virtual land on which to place a skybox. This is her first foray into virtual land ownership.

It was enlightening to try explaining tier pricing, membership, group deeding and that 10% bonus, and the differences between mainland and island plot ownership. (She wanted to own, so we didn't have to discuss rental situations.) The whole process is far more complicated than it needs to be. The Linden Home program does make this easier for a first time buyer, but if you aren't attracted to the homes...

I purchased my first plot back in 2006 with the First Land program (when you could purchase your first 512m2 for 512 lindens.) I remember taking a class at NCI to understand the process. It's depressing to see that the process remains cryptic for first time buyers.

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