27 November 2011


I've spent most of my time running around as a micro lately. The virtual world's a different place when you're only a foot tall. There's sculpted versions available, but I prefer the mesh version - if you've got skin and clothing textures you like you can apply them to the avatar. There's also prim wearables, vehicles, and furniture available for them.

I'm still enjoying the papillon breedables I got last month. The community group is very friendly, the toys are low lag and attractive, and if you set up the environment right you can pretty much ignore them and they'll still thrive. They're also good company while you're scripting. *grin*

The train-based project I've been working on with some friends has entered beta. I'm excited! I made a lot of the art assets on it. Sometimes the beta grid is down, so I've changed my workflow when doing sculpt/texture combos to include using sim-on-a-stick as a free way to check out how they look.

I purged several old products. Deleting entries from the current SLMarketplace is a painful process. First you have to remove the items from your magic box(es), then refresh so the delete option is available on that listing. Then you have to delete each listing one by one, since the page refuses to let you use the checkboxes to group command the listings. I'm still musing about which products I want to freshen up or rearrange and which I want to leave as-is.

I finally seem to be getting comfortable making mesh models with Blender. I'm still working on getting rigged models to work, but there were some changes made to Blender 2.6 that are supposed to help.

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