19 June 2013

Blender and Rigged Mesh

I finally made a rigged mesh avatar using Blender 2.6.

 I'm adding some short notes here to make it easier in the future.

  • Make your model. Make sure to place vertices near the joints. Save file.
  • Open up avatar.blend in Blender. Copy the bones layer into your model file.
  • Align the model (and the bones if you're changing their lengths) so it and the bones looks reasonable. Parent (control-P) the bones and the model, and use the "envelopes" option.
  • Select a bit of bone, and go into Pose mode (object, edit, etc)
  • Select the mesh and go into Weight mode. Blue is no effect, Red is full effect. (object data - the little triangle tab - shows which bone you're on) Paint to your heart's content. Save.
  • If you modded the bones: Select the bones. Object | Apply | Rotation and Scale
  • Select the mesh and bones. 
  • Export to collada as rigged SL object. If you changed the bones from default, or sized the bones up or down, make sure Deform Bones is checked. 
  • Upload in SL as a rigged mesh. Check the boxes for skin weights and joint positions, and adjust the height offset as needed.

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