23 February 2007

Last night improved

Got my vendor-business done last night along with a little socializing, then made a sample for the Avatar Toolbox motion section. I'm making a couple attachments along the theme of Tateru's hole-and-heart, but with the heart beating. I did the animated texture version last night, still have to do the version where I change the size of the prim. Planning to make them freebies with open and commented scripts.

Added a very subtle bling script to the necklace my builder-poodle avatar is wearing with the blue dress. I really don't like gaudy bling on avatars, but it seems popular. Done carefully enough it adds a little flash to things that are supposed to be shiny.

Had some fun chatting with Ursa again - a couple months ago we'd hung out in a sandbox working on his new vendor-scripts and my prim torturing. He's building another intensely cute vehicle.

I logged out for the night with my avatar at the wedding location - I don't want to be stuck unable to teleport. I hope in a couple months I won't even be considering those kinds of precautions.

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