05 February 2007


I've started preliminary land shopping. Peri and I are on the lookout for a 4092 hunk of sim somewhere where the neighbors don't mind oddball builds. Since First Land is still just a fantasy :( I think I'll ask P about using both our freebie 512s on my Seomna plot when I go shopping for the large plot. That'll keep the tithe under control until we get the rest of the group stuff set up. I pay my tithe on the 12th, so now is a good time to get moving.

tier points, with two members in the group.
2048 as paid, 1024 as free, 307 as group bonus = 3379 total == USD 15/mth
4096 as paid, 1024 as free, 512 as group bonus = 5632 total == USD 25/mth

Gotta look into picking up a small plot somewhere on the opposite end of grid rolling restarts to keep secondary SLExchange boxes and the like. The order of grid reboots is the same as reading english. L->R, then T->B as mentioned by Torley here.

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