13 December 2007

Pinup Girls and other stuff

Haven't posted anything here in too long. I've been playing too much WoW, sleeping a lot, and trying to trim down my SL inventory. I'm down to about 15.6K. Stop laughing! :D

I'm doing a little exploration into making weaponry for CoLA. The melee stuff looks straightforward enough. I need to start contacting people to get information about ranged weapon best practices. I'm tempted to see if I rent a small plot over there - I've been messing around making post-apocalyptic builds and found it is a lot of fun.

Ran across a possible bug - when I try to add a "no mod" animation to my AO HUD I can't, but if I rez the HUD on the ground I can add the animation. I need to do a little jira research and possibly more experimentation.

I updated Avatar Toolbox to point at my Sunwi Do plot as the inworld pickup location. Caught up with an old friend. I've set the photo booth in the workshop so in theory members of the group can manipulate the pose balls but I haven't tested that yet. One of these days I'll rescript it so that there's only one poseball.

The next SL Blogger party is this weekend. The theme's the '40s, so I've put together a navy Pinup Girl. I may look for some kind of aviator's outfit for her too. There's some gorgeous retro outfits out there, more for the '50s on up, but there's still a fair amount to choose from. Pics when I get around to it.

EDIT: Pics here.

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