19 December 2007

A search interface, and me claiming some turf.

If you haven't seen it yet, Tateru Ninu's put up a friendlier web interface for LL's Search.

Insomnia. Whatever else can be said for it, it does give one some time to play.

I didn't manage to catch up to half the people I wanted to talk with, and the dataserver was having odd issues (you know something is wrong when even profiles can't come up consistently.) I did manage to pick up a plot of CoLA land in Trevon Paine's sim South Gate. Turns out I have Veyron as a neighbor! Met a couple of the others, I think having a place there will be fun. I've had an alt or two running around CoLA and some of the other gaming sims, I think I'll add Storm there, maybe as a supernatural. I've also been exploring weapon scripting for CCS.

I'm going traveling for a week or two, and depending on whether or not I can get the old laptop running I may be out of touch. So if you can't contact me before the new year, I'm probably not dead. ;)

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