06 May 2008

Navel Lint.

I was blog surfing. Realized that LL has been "evaluating" the traffic metric since I've been in SL. My second rez-day is later this month. Makes me feel old. I've got a lot of cards to people who haven't been on in ages.

I've been working on my new space in New Babbage. Learning a lot, meeting the neighbors. NB has a lot of builders of one flavor or another, and the people are friendly. I'm still undecided on the elevator vs stairs debate.

You know how people who're in SL for the long term go through cycles of enthusiasm? This one's strange. I'm enjoying my new neighborhood and build a lot, but my interest in things of a general Grid nature is very low.

I need to go through and adjust my blog reading lists - they're badly out of date. Thinking about trying Google Reader - I've been hearing really good things about it. I wonder if I can link up a reading list from that to the blog here.

I think I want to go through some of the vid tuts and articles and such... I have RL friends every so often who're interested in SL and I want to gather good beginner things in one place in a way that it isn't overwhelming. May take some thought. Or maybe I should whip up a couple alts and go through some of the orientation portals with better reputations and see if there's one I'd recommend.

Might refresh my plushie toys scripts to retrigger the holding animation every so often. I'm not sure if that would be better or worse. I also want to play more with the motorcycle, add customizing scripts to the boots, and a dozen other things I haven't gotten to.

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