23 May 2008

Readbag, making stuff in NB, and a Giant Eye.

Torley's impacted my activity-flow by pointing out Readbag. It took me a couple moments to realize that i can just drag the "bookmarks" button on Readbag's interface to my browser toolbar and use it from there. Since I'm normally logged into Google and Readbag uses a Google login, this blends in super-easily for me.

I finally made a door texture I like for my New Babbage build. I'll grab some pics of the building later today. I still want to find or make a chaise lounge and an old fashioned sewing machine for the build.

Made a tophat sculptie with Rokuro and I've been having fun decorating it in different ways. I really need some good gear prim shapes.

I've made a couple of late 1800s themed clothes. All for women so far, although I have plans for some stuff for the guys. I need to grab some pictures, and put some of it up on SLExchange.

Met someone I'd been chatting with in the forums last night, and went biking for a bit. Came across a giant eyeball. I just had to share it!

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