31 August 2007

Coats, Cannery, Crash Me, and Hippotropolis

Been messing around with mixing prims and clothing textures, trying to make a trench coat. I'm experiencing a bit of a learning curve. *grin* Pose stands are wonderful things.

I stopped by at The Cannery for the opening party. Great abandoned urban atmosphere, and a fun way to show off a lot of 2D SL-based art. Makes a great neko hangout too.

Crash Me says on the sign to not cause physics-based crashes. This makes me sad. The terrain on that sim is great for rolling around as a hedgehog though.

I also stopped by to check out Hippotropolis, the sim home for Open Source. Not much there yet, but it looks like it'll be a good place for meetings. There's plots here for some of the Innovation Award winners, but they haven't rezzed anything there yet.

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