02 August 2007

Spotlighting the long tail of tecture moving?

Spent a little time yesterday working on my spotlight scripts. The interface is proving to be the hardest part; I may end up writing a notecard to go with it. I'm still trying to decide if I want to sell one spotlight with many features, or several different spotlights. I may also make one that doesn't track.

Hittail's results for the last day don't hold too many surprises. A lot of inquiries into mega prims, lsl and lsl functions, building avatars. The one for "japan boxes tecture moving" wins the wtf prize. My curiosity insisted I google that, but I still don't understand what they were looking for.

Speaking of textures, Robin Wood / Robin Sojourner has a script fix for some of the lsl animation offset troubles available free at her texture tutorial inworld.

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Dalien said...

"Interface difficult" - just the limitations of the SL, or you not sure how to make it friendly ? I'd be interested to play with the ideas in this area, if you are up to it - mail me to dalienta on gmail, maybe I can come up with something of use for you :)