20 August 2007

Doings: Socializing, Avatars

I didn't build much this weekend. Spent most of it socializing. Hung out with friends, saw the fireworks again, did some shopping. Did a little more work on some stuffed toys and the deer avatar. Got a couple good pictures of giant avatars for Avatar Toolbox. Yes, that tiny pink poodle is about 6' (2M) tall.

Bought a gorgeous asian dragon avatar from Grendel's Children, I must get pics for the blog. The base avatar is laying on its stomach and the AO makes it slither like a snake, so the dragon moves constantly. The textures on it are all greys to make it easy to change the colors. The skull uses a couple sculpties, the rest is standard prims.

Philosophically I go back and forth on whether to use scripted movement or alternate invisibility myself. The invisibility has more prims, but is easier for people to modify poses themselves. It also takes more work to modify colors and textures. Same number of scripts with either option (unless you want to use the ugly delay-laden lsl link commands.)

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