05 September 2007

Gorgeous Nekos, HTML on a prim, and Looking for Logos

Vint's been getting a lot of enjoyment out of her new skin, and working with her has been a pleasure. Along with the new color-your-own stripe skins, I put up the first of a set of spotted ones last night. Yes, I ignored my list of things to do. *laughs* The newest neko stuff is on a board at the top of the tent in my main shop, and in the back room at Blacklight Club Supply (which is still being renovated.)

oooh.... Here's what's happening with HTML on a Prim! There's a google group for this project too - so please consider talking there instead of overwhelming the poor linden with emails. ;)

The Second Life Bloggers Group needs a logo! And there's a reward, so while your avatar's camping why not spend a little time with your favorite 2D graphics editor?

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