07 September 2007

Laziness and a Todo list

I got the vendor errands done, and I'm trying a new and lazy tactic: listing one of a set on the online shopping services and including a slurl to my shop. Time will tell if it works. I may go back as I finish lines and include a picture of the entire set to entice people. I like the model; the skull attachment point is available for hair, the ears and tail are separate attachments and their root prims are a tiny orb so it'll be easy for people to add movement scripts. I originally made the white deer with albino pink eyes, but it looks like a demon-deer so I'm going to make them blue or gray instead.


More Bambi work - Black and brown skins. The brown one will take a little longer, have to get the white pattern right. Then pics and vending prep. At least I'm getting faster at that part.

Free skins - pick and mod some for OpenSim/TG. I think I'll do something trademarkish on them, maybe a little scar on the bottom of the feet? Not sure yet. I know I want a pair of neko ones available, not sure what else yet.

New male neko skins - I'm having fun making skins, so why not?

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