20 September 2007

Neko spread and vendor interface thoughts.

Had some fun last night corrupting a friend. Well, not really. I'd gotten her thinking about making a neko avatar and she decided it was time to start shopping. She'd also never been to Free Dove, land of freebie clothes/hair/skins before.

I'm still thinking about how to best use the Metacard vendors. I don't like the interface; it is annoying to a shopper who isn't using their card. The first rule of any interface is "Don't get in the way!" So first check to see how the interface behaves with someone who doesn't have an account, then either I'll make a special "metacard" wall on the shop and talk with their tech people, or I'll like the interface a lot more than I do now.

Here's the interface I want to see.

Is the person the owner?
-YES: Enter admin mode.
-NO: Do they have an open line of credit? (not just whether they're registered!)
---YES: Offer to let them buy with the card.
---NO: Let them buy on touch, without the script's interference.
---If you don't get a response back within a reasonable time, assume NO.

EDIT: Okay, the interface is sounding like it works as I'd like for people without a MC account. This makes me happy. What made it messy was the fact I've got a merchant account - I didn't sign up for personal credit and I'm trying to find out how to tell their system to treat me like a non-MC avatar.


Kara said...
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Kara said...

From That corrupted friend: gee, thanks for giving me something new to focus my energies on.