24 September 2007

Who needs a title anyway?

Not a lot to say. I did some vendor errands, uploaded another skin. I'm happy with the gray freebie one, I just need to remember to send it out. I keep forgetting how easy QAvimator is to use. I like the interface on the new ZHAO AO. My apologies to you all - I've been feeling not-social too often lately.

I made an animated bonito treat - after she's eaten all the bonito, my neighbor's cat rolls around on the ground where the flakes were - and that came out rather cute. I haven't done much with the built-in facial animations before this. I put it up for sale, but my email informs me that I forgot to use the proper group tag. :( I intend to fix that tonight.

I dropped a note to the MetaCard address for merchants. If you don't have a card account, and you click on the vendor, it pops up a dialog sending you to their website. *dry tone* This is not in a vendor's best interest. If someone's decided to buy something, the last thing I want is for them to be sent on an adventure across the internet. :P The appropriate place for linking to a website is the "We take Metacard" sign.

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