19 October 2007

Making a robot avatar

The SL Blogger group's party theme this time is robots. I roamed around SLX and OnRez but didn't find whatever it is I was looking for.

Then I found this on the web.

I don't want exactly that, but I like a lot of the design. I like the rounded squares, that most of the box shapes are tapered, and the color scheme. Sort of like a feminine MegaMan. To do it right, I'll have to whip out some sculpties. I made a prototype (sans sculpties or custom textures) last night. The chest area gave me a lot of trouble - I might redo the prototype there and add some invisiprims.


vint falken said...

In the end, you did not drop by?

Storm said...

I did, but it was near the end and the only one I recognized there was Red. And I think I was the only one wearing a robot. :(

vint falken said...

Ow, sorry we missed each other then. :(