18 October 2007

Zombies and Freebies go well together

One of my rl friends decided to try out SL. I made an alt to travel with her, in the hopes we'd end up in the same orientation areas. The newbie experience is very different now than it was when I started. Done a lot of touring, I've gotten to see a lot of neat places.

As part of this new "game" I'm seeing what I can do entirely with freebies. There's tons of nice hair, skins, and toys. I've added Fabulously Free to my bloglist - she's found some gems, and I've got a much better list of places to shop for clothing than I used to.

I checked out the new I Am Legend sims the other day, and I like their zombie game. It's fun, and the gear is free. I'll have to take some pics.

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