01 October 2007

Turf and the Neko Fair

Well, the Neko Fair was fun. I sold some stuff and talked to several people. I've learned to always put freebies in a very obvious place *grin*, and that there's a lot of people who need a cuddly tiger toy.

Meta Card needs to do some work on their business model - every single one of my sales there was cash.

Some land next to one of my properties is going cheap. I'm thinking about upping my tier and buying it. Haven't made up my mind yet. There's an ad farmer block in the center of two I'm looking at, and I'm wondering if they'll either sell cheap or consent to a trade for a square closer to the road. I guess it depends on whether they still log in, and how much of their business model is reasoned. I could always box the plot out where my build is.

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