07 November 2006

Churning out content, Vending, Compassion for Kelly Linden

My preferred sim kept going down last night. Not sure why, there were never more than ten AVs in it. I probably need to get a landmark for somewhere like Pi or Theta to go to when I'm scripting and my sim is being a pain. Less likely to get caged or pushed there. And I might meet more people who like to talk geek. Hmmm... you know how setting yourself AFK can make the words "busy" appear above you? I think I need one that says "scripting."

I also noticed a disturbing glitch; between one logout and the next, sometimes my scripts would disappear from prims I was working on. Not sure what that's about. Saw someone else commenting about it in their blog too. It wasn't too big a deal since I prefer working scripts from inventory. There's noticably more lag when you save a script inside a prim. I assume it has to do with activating the script.

Made a vending "split money" style script. I'm trying to decide if I want to make the Doll Demo also be a vending object. I think that's a good idea, I just have to redo the textures. I think I'm going to stick with that as a demo-vendor... for larger scripted objects people want to play with them before buying, at least until you have a reputation. Bet the grills will sell better in something like that. Having a built in "poster" helps a lot too. Gets people excited about your product.

Moopf has some interesting marketing and middleman talk on his blog. I'm arranging with Chantal to sell the "adult" market toys I make thru her. But I'm thinking that some of the fun stuff I may set up to sell using a middleman scheme. I may not worry about making them updatable vendors... I tend to make things that are very unrelated and wouldn't be likely to share a market.

Had my first cage sale that was -obviously- a repeat customer! They'd gotten one as a gift from someone else (re SLX) and yesterday bought it for someone else. I'm not sure I'd want to be in a relationship where you buy cages for the people in your life *grin* but the idea that I made something people like enough to seek out feels really good.

Pushing around the idea of building an Ubuntu-Apache server in RL. I've had a bunch of ideas about ways to mix SL stuff with the outside, but they all require something like that. I may also talk to some friends and see what they've got setup and whether they'll let me buy some space off of them. To be seriously selling a product I'd want backup servers...

Kelly Linden's been writing some interesting tech talk up on the official LL blog. I've been enjoying it, although I suspect Kelly's probably having a panic attack every time someone suggests writing another. If I understand right, there's a way one can "loan" land to a group without deeding it to them. When loaned, the "no create" checkbox prevents people in that group from building on the land.

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