22 November 2006

Dog AVs

I had a duh moment. The poodles didn't have the words "dog" or "canine" in their SLX listings. I need to alter my classifieds listing the same way next time I'm inworld.

I'll have to look up whoever did the aussie shepard AV, I've been thinking it would be a good idea to join up with someone who makes canines. We both have just a handful of models for sale, have a similar overall style, and leave the base eyes visible. Hopefully they'll be in the classifieds; the only place I saw one of their vendors was Taco and they aren't listed in SLX. I miss Taco.

I'm a lot better with textures now. Maybe I'll go back and make a proper skin for the unfinished scottie avatar. I think with a properly wire-haired looking skin he'd be releasable. Might add ear-flicking and tail wagging scripts, maybe a nostril flare. I could make a couple gestures to go with them to lay the ears back or wag the tail on command. I'm not sure what to do about a female version, maybe make it white?

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