20 November 2006

Updatable content musings

I'm thinking about adding a "So you want to build?" notecard to my Noob Pack. Landmarks to Ivory Tower, the Particle Lab, that gazebo with the textures lessons, and now Design City. It was mostly a texturing tutorial with a blurb on micro-prims. A bit arrogant with the statements of how it is the graduate school for the Ivory Tower, but there were some good demos and a couple of nice freebies. There really isn't anywhere inworld I know of to get a tutorial on scripting; the lslwiki is the best for that. Maybe a couple of the large sandbox sims... The biggest annoyance with maintaining something like that is time. The SL landscape changes so fast that things fall out of date easily. I've gotten several landmark packs where at least half of them are dead.

...You know... what we need is a way to set a landmark to a person instead of a physical location. The closest thing we have now are profile picks. I wonder if I can do something with Slurl.com or the mapping api... and that'd be an interesting new project. If we already had "html on a prim" and the like, it'd be a snap. Just run a db call in the background to match up the current slurl to the abstract one.

I could do a clumsy version. Have a server prim, client prims, and a web server. The current landmarks get stored in the server prim, and you rez the client prim to "generate" the current landmarks and such. Give it a "New here? Touch me." texture and make it C+/T+. I wonder if SLX's interface is open enough that I could do something like that... Hrm... Maybe? There's an inworld "vendor" service and a vendor affiliate kit... I'll have to look into it.

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