20 November 2006

Gift Wrap Boxes

After messing around with giftwrapping something for a friend's birthday, I decided SL needed an easy way to take care of such things. A transferrable textured prim (sometimes two if there's a bow.) A script that on the owner's touch pops up a personalized notecard and any sound you choose. Automatically places the contents into inventory. Simple idea, simple interface, and a whim purchase at 10L.

I've set them up in a one-prim vendor with a slightly more effective set of textures than you usually see. I don't expect to have more than one item in a prim vendor, so a little graphical manipulation was a must. No more excuses - the GIMP is free.

The vendor is a 50-50 deal, so other people can place them wherever they want and get a little money. If you sell transferrable items, buy one of my giftwrap vendors. Make money from my labor! ;)

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