22 March 2007

Building, Boxing, and Barriers.

Took a screenshot of the pegleg, but decided later that I didn't like the pic. I'll try again next time.

Updated the Avatar Toolbox freebies with the pegleg and a transparent texture. Hopefully sometime today I'll link it up to SLExchange. I did get a hovertext script to run in it - I had to alter the script in my inventory, save it, then drag it into the toolbox. It ran long enough to change the text, then turned itself off. :P

Teleported several times and found my attachments in inappropriate places.

Bundled up the other versions of the Invisible Avatars, but some inventory issues cropped up so I still have more to do there. Took pics of the Invisibles, and discovered that some of Torley's textures are fun backgrounds for vendor pics.

I've been having bouts of vendor envy. I've been admiring these cool soda-machine-like vendors, you see a lot of them used to vend avatars, especially in the furry communities. They typically have a "screen" to show the current offering, a "buy this" button, and a bunch of buttons to let you navigate thru all the offerings without having to do it sequencially. So even though scripting right now is an issue, I messed around with design ideas for a machine for the various avatar products I've got. I think I'm happy with what I came up with - it is distinctive and easy to navigate.

Been running into a lot of people who don't speak or read english lately. I know there's more than one language version of the client. You can change the text on the SIT and TOUCH options using LSL, but not different text depending on language. Same with hovertext. Configuring using notecards just isn't the same. The client may be translated, but most of the grid is not. Some things are easy to communicate; cost is in numbers, and arrows, common icons, and pictures say a lot. I've tried to put a lot of stuff on the web where one can run a translation tool over the text. Same with notecards, although there's a copy-paste step. And there's a couple scripted babblefish tools for chat. If any of you have language-free communication tips you want to share, I'm interested.

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