14 March 2007

Freebies and access.

The first version of the free avatar toolbox is inworld at my shop. Pose stand, AOs, invisiprims, some scripts and samples... I need to throw a totally transparent texture in there. And a grid skin.

Avatar Toolbox has been getting lots of attention. Thanks for spreading the word! If you come across links or people who'd add to it, or spot things there that need correction, let me know!

Realized yesterday that there's a barrier for SL creators. If they don't have some sort of payment info registered with LL they can't access the official forums. I'm comfortable with the decision to not allow unregistered people to comment, but I'd be happier if they could read the forums. LL has officially said several times that allowing unverified free accounts is an important part of their free access for everyone policy. I like how basic creation tools are either included in the client or have freely available versions; it fits well with their access policy. Their choice to make the forums unreadable for so many people conflicts with that ideal.


Similar McMillan said...

Being one of those unverifieds (due to not having a credit card and due to odd banking rules or local laws or something making it impossible use my bank account to transfer money from my bank account to my Paypal and thus getting that verified), I can only imagine what I'm missing on the LL forums, but it does seem likely that solutions to many of the problems I have can be found there. Instead I'm having to work them out on my own (and waste quite a bit of my very scarce L$ on useless uploads in the process).
I can live with it, of course (particularly seeing as I have to), but it's just one more of those things that makes SL harder for a new resident.

Thanks for the Avatar Toolbox. Some good info and it looks like it'll only get better (providing an invisiprim is a really good idea; took me ages to get one and when I finally did it was mostly by accident. Search is certainly of no use there).

Also thanks for handing me a bunch of building related LMs one of the first days I was in SL, struggling with the building tools in one of the Linden sandboxes. I never even saw you (and didn't know search well enough to look you up and thank you with an IM).

vint said...

Indeed. That was the only reason why I actually put my payment info on file. On the other hand, most of the tutorials and information I use are not on the official SL forum.