08 March 2007

Up-to-date landmarks

I've gotten far too many landmarks that were out of date. When you move, any landmarks you've given someone to your old location don't magically update themselves to your new place. I've wanted a way to have updatable landmarks, preferably without dragging the user out of the SL client. Working SLURLs in chat were added a couple patches ago. *bangs head* I wish I'd connected the dots earlier.

A HUD, worn on the center slot. Why a HUD? They're very visible, don't bother the people around you, and you don't need create permissions to wear an attachment. It gets the current SLURL from the web. Dumps that into the wearer's chat history using llOwnerSay(). Teleport time! It is brandable, customizable, and an easy interface for the user. However many may exist, they can all be updated with one action. I'd be happier if LSL would let me teleport a user without going thru the chat history but *shrug*

The web part's easy, just a static page hosted anywhere. It is a single line saying "Click on http://slurl.com/secondlife/Seomna/214/238/71/ to visit!" I uploaded the text file to googlepages since my SL web profile and Avatar Toolbox are hosted there.

The hovertext is hard to see in the pictures. It says to use [CTRL]-H to open the chat history.

I'm tired of getting stale landmarks, so it'll be a freebie with open scripts. I've got a prototype working, and when I'm happy with it I'll throw it on SLExchange and publicize it a bit.

EDIT: Current code is freely available on SLExchange in my collection of freebies.

If the main texture was specified with a UUID, you could put the current texture UUID string in the web file and change them all at once. Same with hovertext or text in chat. Want to let people know about current sales or advertise for your latest event?

These could be linked to messages, a handful of SLURLs, web sites opening on touch with llLoadURL(), they could talk to a "server" object and hand out freebies... It'd have to have enough value to the user that they'd put bother to wear it every now and again. Up to date landmarks, event schedules, giving away freebies, maybe a joke of the day. They'd see your images, which currently you can't be sure of with group messages.

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Torley said...

I want to say a very clear THANK-YOU for the Avatar Toolbox; I noticed Vint Falken linked to it too, and since we're lacking official documentation in several of those areas, I certainly want to point to what you've gone through the efforts of providing.

Thanxies graciously for making this fine resource available, Storm!