02 March 2007

A little of this, a little of that

February's profits were the best yet. My SL experience has been funding itself, and doing well enough to afford a little expansion! Last night I found another vendor area for my avatars, and will be watching sales this month to see if I stay. My long term plan is to roll the profits into a larger parcel of land, but I'm waiting to see what happens to land prices with the addition of the new mainland continent before buying. So far mainland prices have stayed put, but afaik the new land hasn't been sold yet. I want a nice boxy 4096m2 plot for a home for AvTx - enough room for demos, an avatar shop, and a private sandbox.

Had a good conversation with a newbie who has the content-creator itch.

I was experiencing a little insomnia last night, so I worked on Avatar Toolbox. Added a bunch of pictures, wrote up the HUD page, and made a page linking to prim hair/shoes/clothes tutorials.

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