16 March 2007


I think I've found the path to instant fame on the internet. Make people angry. No, wait, I'm serious here. The frisky pirate shoots a flame over comments about income from virtual worlds and gets Richard Bartle commenting. I'm reading his Designing Virtual Worlds right now. I am so jealous! And pretty much everybody who touches the SL blogosphere recognizes Prokofy Neva. Then there's that whole thing with Clay Shirkey.

The letter l - the fine line between fame and flame.

In other news, I think this allergy medicine is making me high.


vint said...

I've tried that: What SL is all about. Didn't work. Most male Avies just commented I was right about this. =(

Richard said...

I didn't post on Taunt to spread my name around. I posted on it because someone was calling for me to be stripped of my professional title based on a CNN web interview that had been taken out of context.